History of Holy Cross Movie Ministries


July 15, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters of many different churches, those that believe only through Jesus and living according to His Commandment, that we can be saved;

In behalf of the Holy Cross Movie Ministries, I personally want to thank you all for your prayers, your love, your trust and sacrificial giving.....

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What we do


For those that don't know, the Holy Cross Movie Ministries primary objective is to teach people about Jesus and save lost souls., give bibles to new Christians and Re-dedications, give used clothing to all those that have none and show the love of Jesus to the little children that give their lives to Jesus by giving them a small toy. We show the "Passion of the Christ" I thank God everyday that Mel Gibson stood strong against the left, and produced this masterpiece, because this film has performed miracles toward winning souls for the Kingdom of God....




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